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Picture Gallery of Zalaegerszeg

2Vizslapark, the biggest park of Zalaegerszeg

7Part of the town centre.

6The bank building of OTP (National SavingsBank)




8Kossuth Street, the busiest shopping street of the town.




10Next to Dísz Square

11Kossuth Street

18The Town Hall

22Dísz Square, a popular meeting place for people

21The stadium of ZTE (Sports Club of Zalaegerszeg)




17 The Hevesi Sándor Theatre

20The Synagogue.

The second largest synagogue in the country. It functions as an exhibition and concert hall.



23Göcsej Village Museum

24Lake Gébárt

25Kölcsey Ferenc Grammar School

26The sculpture of Ferenc Deák, the "Wise man" of the nation. In the background you can see the Town Library.







29Athletic Field of the town

27The Town Archive

28Ady cinema, the oldest cinema of the town.

30One of the botanical gardens of the area

31Deák Square

Written by: Zsófi