News and Trivia

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Teacher of the Month

The National eTwinning Agency in Iceland has selected Hjördís the teacher of the month of September. Read all about it at:

Congratulations Hjördís!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

That's it folks!

Today's a beautiful day. I'm sitting here in my sunlit office in Nýheimar adding the final touches to the News and Trivia weblog.

We just got our airline tickets in the mail yesterday. It kind of made this upcoming trip real in our minds, it's no longer something we're just talking about and planning for. We're actually going to Hungary.

This evening we are meeting the parents of the students to discuss the trip, the program and all the necessary arrangements.

Next Sunday at 15 there will be a fundraiser here at school, with bingo and refreshments. The students will bake waffles and Siggi and Elvar are going to host the bingo. The prizes will be very generous, donated to us by local companies. For that we are very greatful.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

All kinds of stupid things...

will be said here while I'm working on this weblog. Soon this tirade will end, trials will be over and you will find something meaningful to read in this blog, maybe even interesting.


If you're offended in any way by something that's said here while trials are going on, I beg your forgiveness and urge you to go elsewhere. I'd suggest you read Remember the beauty of New Orleans, and go back by Ruth Holladay or listen to nice music.

Just dont forget to check in once in a while to see how my work is progressing.

Hi everyone! / Szia mindenki!

I have no idea what "szia mindenki" means. I had my son, who's pretty clever at finding things on the Web, look up "Hi everyone" in Hungarian and this is what he came up with. I hope it's nothing offending.

All I wandted to say was Hi!

At the moment I'm working "hard" on this weblog that I hope all of us working on the Water and Fire project can use to publish our day to day news and trivia.

As you can see, this is really hard work.

We Icelanders will be using this as our journal while visiting Hungary, since we're sure half the population in Iceland will hunger for news of our expedition. Maybe even other people as well.