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Friday, November 18, 2005

Monday - October 24th

Our last day in Hungary! The day of sitting and waiting. The weather was great 19°C and sunshine.

We woke up in the morning at the funny guesthouse. We had ordered breakfast at nine; bread roll and tea. While eating the breakfast we wondered about the role of the place. It is a strange blend of many things e.g. hostel, hostelry, bar, entertainment where you can sing karaoke, play billiard etc. It was even possible to see some Christmas decoration.

After the breakfast we packed our last things. It was unbelievable how big and heavy our bags had become. In addition to our own luggage we had promised to bring home two boxes of flags for the sports club in Höfn. (Some extra weight).

The airport bus picked us up at 11:00 - it was our first day without our Hungarian partners and that also meant that we had to look after ourselves. The bus driver spoke very little English - the German teacher even tried some German but without success. And the bus driver, of course, wanted to have some money for the trip. When Katalin ordered the bus for us she made that deal we could pay at the airport. But we couldn't explain it to the driver. I even tried to phone Kati - but she didn't answer. After about 30 minutes the driver set off and all we could do was hope he was taking us to the airport - which he did. And of course I paid for the group as usually ;-)

We could check in at 1:30 - all of us had too heavy bags but we were lucky and didn't need to pay extra. At the duty free we used the opportunity to spend our last forints - which most of us did. I still have some Hungarian sweets left.

The plane was sceduled go at 15:00 but it took off 30 minutes earlier. The flight to Keflavík lasted little more than 4 hours. Some of us tried to prepare for the next day which was a normal school day. Some people couldn't do that and slept instead.

When we arrived in Keflavík airport our small minibus was already waiting for us. It was cold (-3°C) and dark. It was a huge difference from the nice weather in Hungary. We decided to drive to Selfoss (about 100 km) and have supper at Subways. We were the only guests in the restaurant. While we were waiting for the food a man I knew entered the restaurant. It was the headmaster of the secondary school in Selfoss. I had first met him at the eTwinning conference in Brussels last January. And of course I proudly showed him my group and told him what we had achieved the in the last few months.

It was almost nine in the evening when we left Selfoss - just four more hours to get home. On the way we it became obvious we were back - all kind of weather: rain, wind, moonlight and even some snow - this is very usual for Iceland. The weather is constantly changing.

At one o'clock in the morning we were finally in Höfn - having been travelling for the last 16 hours. We sorely needed our beds - tomorrow being a normal school day with classes beginning at eight o'clock.

It was nice to come back home and meet the family. Even though my little girl was asleep she noticed that I was back - she had been taking care of my bed the last two weeks and she held my very tight when I got in with her.

The last thought before I fell asleep? These last two weeks have been unique and a great experience, and I long to visit my friends in Hungary again sometime.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Monday - October 17th

We woke up at 6:00 am. We had sandwiches for breakfast and got on the bus at 7:05. The bus ride from Gellénháza took 30 minutes. At school Karl visited English class, but András carried out his usual schedule. The others worked on their project in the library, the projects were due the next day.

After school we went to lake Gébárt we walked there, but the teachers came by car. There we visited a museum of craftsmanship where we listened to a speech about the craftsmen, Hungarian Whip soldiers and the history of craftsmanship.

After that the boys were assigned to make leather bracelets whilst the girls made bracelets from pearls. We can say that the Icelandic boys did not do so well at first but then they got the hang of it.

Afterwards we watched a craftsman use his whip with Excellence. It looked easy from the sidelines but it was harder than it looked like.

When we got home we watched a movie, ate dinner, had a shower and went to sleep.

András and Kalli