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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February 20th, First day in Höfn

This was the first night of the Hungarian team in Höfn. Everybody was amazed by the hospitality of the families. In the morning the headmaster of FAS gave a speech and talked about the events and tasks of the open week. Then every student of FAS and also he Hungarian team had to take part in an orienteering game in Höfn. We had to walk to stations where we got tasks to fulfil. E.g.: singing and dancing J. After this event we had lunch then started to work in groups. Everybody had to be member of one group. We are members of the media group and have to design the newspaper of FAS. We left school at 4 o?clock, then had dinner at home celebrating the birthday of Kalli?s mother. Then we celebrated Elvar?s birthday in a bar at 9 o?clock. It was a good party.

Kalli & András


Elvar said...

I have to comment here! :)

My birthday! YAY :)

19 years old at last, thought I was never going to get that old.

11:12 PM  

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