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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Photos from Linz...

As you probably know Laci was on an international conference in Linz representing our project on the 13-14-15th of february. It was like some kind of exhibition. Every country had their own pavilion representing and advertising the eTwinning connections they made.
Like at the market: 'Come here we're connected to Iceland! We are the best! Check out our homepage! Let me give you a brochure...'
I was just joking... :) But its true that it was a big show...

And the father of eTwinning talked about our project>
(He was only talking about only 2 projects. One of them was ours!)

But let the pictures talk! There would be lots of them because some other hungarian e-Twinning participants want to download some, so I published them on an another site, because it was easier.

so you can check them out at:
It's hungarian but I'm sure that you can find your way around the page...
Just look for the 'Pictures in Linz' script...

Only 12 days left... :)


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