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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February 23

This day was about eating and sports. In the morning we started the day with a football tournament that was held on the football field near the school. From the 5 participating teams only one could rise as a victorious one. Teachers and the Hungarian team also participated and the Hungarians completed with some legionaries became 3rd.After a longer break the members of the waterfire team met in the evening. The program was the enjoyment of the different traditional foods of Iceland. Such one was for example the raw shark which was buried for 6 months before we could try it. I think I can count its taste to the worst experiences in my short life. But there were some really good things to eat too. Such one was for example the flatbrau me hangikjti which is smoked lamb meat on some kind of pancake. This little food festival was held in one of Hfns oldest buildings which was a boathouse. The whole place now functions as a historical museum of Hfn. After this day I think no one has the right to complain about the hospitality of Icelanders.

Siggi and Dani


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