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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Our 5th day in Iceland

February 22nd

As it was the open week in our host school, FAS, we had to be there by 09:00, when a traditional Icelandic card game called Hornafjarðarmanni started. It was invented by Albert and since couple of tournaments are held every year. The ground rules are divided into 3, all depending on what card is drawn at the beginning of the game. If you draw 2-6, you play " Nób ", and you have to get he fewest packs. From 7 to 10 is tromp, the color of the card that was drawn " kills " every other cards. If Jack, Quinn, King or Spade are drawn the so called Grand is played, in which the highest card wins. The Water & Fire team also played, at the end Elvar won and he was crowned as Hornafjarðarmanna- champion, and was awarded with pizza and coke. The second was Sædis.
Than at 17:15 we went to an Icelanding farm, where we saw Icelandic sheeps and cows, and we could pet them, some of them started to chew our coats, trousers and hand, however there were some very shy animals and they didn't let us to touch them. In another building we saw milking machines and the owners showed us how to milk a cow.

Viki and Hrói


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