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Thursday, June 15, 2006

March 2, Thursday - Good-bye, Hfn! Hello waterfalls, geyser fields, plate margins and Aldingi!

It's time to say good bye... Warm hugs and tears in the school hall, chilly-sparkling-windy morning outside. The farewell was a bit easier in Budapestend of Hfn sign.
Not really the happiest moment of the 14-month history of the Water and Fire adventure. Everyone feels they must come back one day.
last October, because we knew we would meet soon. But now?... You can hear words of plans and promises of future visits, but it?ll take a while to find out when and where. The Icelandic people follow our bus in their car until the

Dust storms, frozen waterfalls along Route no. 1, then a face-freezing exercise at Gullfoss, the
Golden Waterfall, where we are bombarded by millions of ice crystals which form as the water tumbles and breaks on the rocks.

Geysir is our next stop, which is the most famous - now extinct - geyser in the world. Around it dozens of active geysers, fumaroles and other post-volcanic formations remind us of the closeness of the inferno?

Another place to remember: Aldingi, the Icelandic pusztaszer, and the spot where we can almost see the North American and the Eurasian Plates separate from each other, speeding up the few millimeters per year speed of their spreading.

We are invited for a tasty dinner in the home of Hjrdis? brother, and then we go to the hostel where we will spend the last two nights.


ps: same story again... no pictures... maybe later... and sorry about the wrong spelling of Aldingi.. it's still better to have a simple "d" there than a "?" mark...


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