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Thursday, June 15, 2006

March 3, Friday - in the capital of Iceland

We visited Reykjavik Energy, which is not only the headquarters of the geothermal energy in the SE of Iceland, but also a building of architectural interest. After a guided tour in the ultramodern building, we take a tour in the National Museum. Then we go to the eTwinning office, and the Pearl, one of the most popular buildings of Reykjavk.

We all look forward to a visit to President Olafur Grimsson, but because he has fallen ill, we can only walk around in his palace, the Bessastadr. It's like a museum, full of presidential presents from all over the world. We leave behind some Hungarian medicine for the President: Egri bikavr, the famous red wine, which will surely do good to him.

We spend the last evening with Tjrvi's family, who treat us with some very good food.


ps: pictures later IF I can upload them...


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