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Thursday, June 15, 2006

March 4th, Saturday - a long day's journey home

Getting up at 5, and soon the bus drops us at Keflavik Airport. The last words of good-bye to Hjördis and Tjörvi, and off we fly; from the plane we see the spectacular south of Iceland we first drove along two weeks ago, and the huge ice tongues of the Vatnajökull are all now familiar; those four, too that we saw and admired from the windows of FAS, Höfn.

We have several hours in sunny-snowy Copenhagen, so we decide to take a tour to the city. It's late in the evening when we land in Schwechat, Vienna. A few hours later, families and friends meet us in front of Zalaegerszeg Pláza. Happy, sleepy, relieved, full of memories and with full memory cards, everyone feels a great tour has come to an end, yet, this must not be the end of the story. be continued...


ps: pictures later...


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