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Nóra Vaski

Hello every1!

I'm a member of the Hungarian group of the 'Water and Fire' project. My name is Vaski Nóra (Here in Hungary the family name is before the Christian name) and I'm 16 (I'm the youngest in the team). I live in Zalaegerszeg which is a medium-sized town in Hungary. Probably it's one of the noisiest streets where I live with my family.

I have a sister, called Sarah who is just 8 so she is very lovely and sometimes too energetic.

I like listening to music mostly rock and alternative and fortunately my sister 'loves' the same music as me. She doesn't mind if I listen to loud music. My absolute favourites are Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, The Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin and Audioslave. I love writing stories in all topics. Surprisingly literature is one of my favourite subjects.

Besides the story writing I also love reading books. My favourite authors are Anthony Kiedis (Scar Tissue!), Kurt Cobain (Journals…) and Brandon Boyd (White Fluffy Clouds…;)) I’m only joking. Seriously: Lois Lowry, Meg Cabot/Jenny Carroll, Melinda Metz, Nicholas Sparks, Nick Hornby, Chuck Palahniuk, Robert Merle, George Orwell, Dan Brown and at last but not least a Hungarian one: Márai Sándor.

I also like films that make people think: Fight Club, About a Boy, Matrix, Hair and the ones which are funny as well.

I've just finished a mind control course and I wonder that anyone in your group has ever done that before. It was a great experience 'cause I learnt how to treat
almost everyone and everything positively. So I'm balanced now and I really really hope that we can meet sometime. But until then we have a lot of things to discuss and I hope as well that we can share a lot of things about each other's culture and traditions.

I have a blog on My site's name exactly is

If you have time you can check out!:)




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